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Accomodation and Transport

Only here, through our man Tony, the one-of-a-kind booking genius, will you find exclusive Dalmatia Cup team deals that you won't find anywhere else. Tony works tirelessly to negotiate the best prices, ensuring that you get the most value for your money. We offer a special combo of transportation (to and from the field) and accommodation, as part of the same package. We have 3 packages on offer so you have more variety to chose from:

Tier 1



Hotels - We have arrangements with various Hotels in different locations throughout Split, so whether you want to stay in the center, next to the beach, or be close to the fields, we got you covered. Hotels range from 2 stars to 5 stars and so do the prices.
Transportation i

Private Villas - we offer a special deal on private villas in Split, located on the beach as well as in the center. Great for smaller groups and those who want a little bit more luxury. All inquires are arranged individually, so reach out for more info. 
Transportation i

Tier 2



With units available all over the city, apartments offer various choices for location but also different rooming combinations. Apartments vary in price and size and can hold up to 10 people per unit, so it offers a lot more freedom when combining unit sizes which makes it easier to ''chose your roommate''. Prices vary and start at 20€ per person.

Transportation included*. 

Tier 3



Hostels are usually the most cost-effective choice and so we offer a good range of quality hostels for a pleasant stay in Split. Groups get private rooms so You don't need to worry about ''sharing with a stranger''. Some Hostels even offer breakfast. Prices start as low as 15€ per person.

Transportation included*. 


*Accomodation that is booked through Dalmatia Lacrosse Cup offers complementary transport to and from the field on game days.

**For private accommodation, arrangements can be made for transport depending on availability and distance for a nominal fee.

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